Thursday, September 30, 2010

from object to platform

Art Made In the Movement
Museums for videos underwent a break, or shift, from traditional museums.
Traditional museums were called a "cultural masoleum" because they are not fluid.

The space and exhibits of the Australian Center for Moving Images demonstrate this shift:

ACMI panorama:

Gallery 1 is a subterranian former railway station.

"Where the traditional museum asserted its hegemonic pedagogy by tightly choreographing paths of movement and parameters of interaction... the contemporary museum utiliizes interactive interfaces to provide increasingly individualized forms of particpation" p19

Since the time From Object to Platform was written, the ACMI has continued exploring, and have created an exhibition space outdoors called the Video Garden:


Robert van de Walle said...

The Pixar exhibit at OMCA has a large video installation. Backgrounds and color themes run by, with mood music, creating "atmosphere" without story.

It's... big. and not movie like at all... really.

Caitlan said...

we should go!