Thursday, September 9, 2010

bento recipe

My lunch today was pretty amazingly tasty and filling. Usually I have to eat right when I get home at 5pm but tonight I started cooking at 8pm. So here is how:

turkey dog: cut it in half, cut an X 2/3 of the way through each side. Simmer with a little water until they bloom. I put ketchup in my tupperware but after I get bento supplies at ichiban kan I can put ketchup in a little dipping sauce container shaped like a bird or a frog. Its beak or tongue is a little spoon.

omelet wrap: beat two eggs and fry in a small pan. I put cheese on top but i wish I had stirred it in so it could be more evenly distributed. Simmer broccoli briefly and mix with rice, garlic, and quartered cherry tomatoes. Scoop this into the wrap and fold over.

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