Monday, March 1, 2010


I'm moving! But it's not a big deal, I am moving from one on campus apt to another. I haven't found the new one yet. One of the ones the housing office suggested has a small double 3/4 the size of the small double I live in now (and in the same building- weird.) and the girl I met who lived there was super nice and their view was better than our view (they're on the bottom floor overlooking a hill and we're on the second floor on the opposite side with a view of the base of a hill and a cement staircase. The second one, I have met the people last quarter but they are apparently never home as I've knocked and rang every few hours on thurs and today with no response. And it's on the second floor so I'd keep the same floormates and RA. So I wish they would open their door. It's kind of awkward at my current apt since I said I am moving. Not that I don't like everyone, just that it's a really tense household and i can't deal with my roommates' needs. So. I'm glad I don't have to look on CL and facebook to try and figure out where to live, and deal with finding someone to take over my lease, and everything. And I'm really glad that when I move it won't be far at all, and all the rooms are furnished so I only have to bring my books and things, and Andy is going to help so that will be really simple.

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