Thursday, March 4, 2010

I ruined a rape joke :)

So someone I went to highschool with posted a status that was a joke that bothered me so I told him why and I included a cuss. Then he unfriended me which I found out bc I got 5 notifications about his status but when I clicked to see them I got the view of profiles you get when you aren't someone's friend. But I wanted to know what the 5 things were and luckily Andrew went to highschool with him too.

(it's quite small I know but it opens larger if you click) But once I read the things I wished I didn't. But I guess it's neat that that I ruined the fun for that last commenter. And now I won't get confusing wrestling statuses in my feed. So it's win-win. But I still feel a bit yucky.

edit: wait, he is in my newsfeed today. Not sure why I couldn't click on the notes yesterday but I clicked hide so it's still handled.