Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Heart Painting

I need to attend one of the campus workshops on how to photograph your art. I think a start is doing it in natural light and waiting till the paint has dried, but in this case I had to do the photo while it's wet because the sun is setting soon.
this blurry one shows the colors

I like to think kitschy stuff like my last 2 paintings isn't my thing but as my heart shaped signature there (it's a c and a v.) shows I am just a hairs breadth from cutesy at all times.
This shows the iridescence of the transparent paint in the background but it also shows the wetness of the paint. Whatever. I'll try to get a better shot before I give it to my dear friend. I did this painting over the top of the painting I started her months ago that was too ambitious and I got bored, so I am really pleased it isn't sitting sadly in the corner any more and I hope she'll love it. I sat down to sketch and I thought I can't do anything -but- a heart, she is so defined in my mind by her huge capacity for love. So I tried to make the heart really bold and bright and then for absolutely no reason I put freaking angel wings on it. God. And then I went ahead and wrote on it that I love her because I felt if I was going to do this to the poor canvas I was going to do it properly and not by half measures.

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