Tuesday, March 16, 2010


There are really popular books called the Twilight series, about supernatural people written for teenagers, and they were made into a movie and there is going to be another. It is a bit of a badge of pride not to like them, especially as all sorts of products have started using vampire themes in marketing. But why is it a point of pride? I read on one of the feminist blogs I read about how the heroine is terribly passive and all that, and so it is non/un feminist but I wasn't interested even before I learned that. I humored my friend by reading the first several pages of one, so I could commiserate about how sad it was she was sucked into reading them, and they are bad but I don't read YA fiction lately so idk if Twilight is standard. And the content at least isn't any sillier than loads of things I like, or loads of things it is geekily cool to like.

But today on one of my friend's blogs there was a picture of 2 makeup sets, one called vicious and one called vegetarian, which is too obscure an in joke so it made me not want the sets, and also while I was looking at them I realized that I don't at all have the coloring to look like a cute vampire. And so maybe that is why I am not interested in going to the movies, because I am too pink and can't identify with the heroine. Actresses don't really look just like me, but I suppose they look more generic so I can identify with them most of the time. Like last night I watched The Invention of Lying, and I identified totally with Jennifer Garner's cuteness and naivete even though she is way taller, way thinner, and way older than I am. Ricky Gervais's's's character: "Of course he's sweet to you; a shark could be sweet to you!" JG: "It would?" RG: "No, no it wouldn't, it would {mimes snapping shark} don't go... don't go near its tank, that's not... that's not what I'm saying."

Although actually my speech patterns are JUST LIKE Gervais's's's in that movie, which I learned by how meandering my little youtube videos are.

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