Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lighted Sculpture: Squid

Squid. Umbrella, blood pressure pumps, hot water bottle, christmas lights.
I spent days trying to "be informed by my materials" in response to what my professor suggested and after an hour sketching with Dad and trying out different ideas I went down to my trailer where I have all my old things that I am saving for a project and I gathered up a lot of things I thought might work well together, alarm clocks, hourglass, hot water bottle, blood pressure cuffs, latex balloons, gourds, lace- and I poured out everything and fussed around with it until I had an idea, and then I changed the basic idea (fill hot water bottle with lights and hang long, thin balloons from it with the pumps hanging lower like tentacles) until I got something that was actually doable.
The red stick and the black stick are umbrella spokes with a balloon pulled over them. I think I like that effect but I am not sure. I think it integrates it but then again it detracts from the design.
I expected the pattern of wire shadow in the hot water bottle to be interesting but I was so pleased with how organic it looks. It reminds me of these.

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