Monday, May 25, 2009

In Sociology Section we all had to say why we were wearing what we were wearing. (wow, that was fun to type!) and I had nice nail polish but basically I was just dressed in stuff that wouldn't show charcoal and graphite. That is stupid, it is warm weather, and I own kind of a lot of pretty clothes, but somehow the same few things get in rotation and everything else stays in my closet.

That made me want to go shopping, at least thrift shopping, but I haven't any spending money, so instead I went through my bag of mending and clothes I never wear because they do not quite suit me (or what i am trying to convey, as we talked about in soc) and I altered and mended things. It was not a good substitute for shopping but it was nice to get to use these clothes again. This is cute, right? But I wear skirts to get sunshine on my legs. I do not wear long, flowy, heavy skirts. I do have a few flouncy heavy skirts, but this one is too draggy.
So I cut off the bottom (there it is around my neck) and actually I would wear this skirt now. Just that little bit more movement, and I like it. But I have a variety of skirts that are a little longer than knee length, and what I reach for all the time are little short skirts. So that is what I made it into.
In this picture I just tucked it into the waistband. But it looks pretty much like that once I gathered and basted and stitched while watching House on the television. I am thinking about daily outfitblogging, um. possibly. in which case you can see it then.
I bought this skirt for a few dollars and it has no zipper or buttons, so it can't be worn. I bought it to make it a dress, but then it was too cold and i forgot about it.

See, the sides of the V neck are wear a zipper used to go. Isn't that cool? I just sewed on some ribbons, and I have a flouncy white dress. I am worried it will get dirty... but it cost $3 and I spent 10 minutes sewing on ribbons, it's not an heirloom. Also, I have never bought bleach, but when I was shopping for a wash for my car I saw that bleach costs only $2. I think Mom gave me this belief that white clothes are about to get completely, permanently ruined, and she has a point. I am not going to give up crawling under a fence or painting or eating to keep something pristine. But that's not a reason to avoid white. I will probably wear it with a ribbon sash, because I like sashes.
Um. I took picture of this to illustrate... um... how ridiculously instant this process is?
hiked up and ribboned, I would definitely wear this as a dress.

So. Yeah, I think I will start taking crappy yellow pictures of what I am wearing every single day.

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