Friday, May 1, 2009

If it's not cross stitch, it's not binding.

Well, it is the weekend. And the weekend is when I said I would get everything sorted. My desk still has the price tag on because I was so pleased to find a desk (at goodwill) for $12. Imagine how messy this was before I had a desk! Oh dear. In the interest of accountability:
-re sorting my drawers (it is sad, but because I have 4 matching aluminum boxes and 4 identical ikea drawers, I tend just to shove things back in one at random. Then after a few days of blending, even if i try to put things back properly it is impossible. "Wait, do my juggling balls belong in the single gray sock, single rainbow sock, lemonade powder, rubber cement, and umbrella bin, or not?" I suppose I should make little labels for them.
-make labels for drawers
- go through the house closets and do a general inventory/find things to go to the attic when I go home next weekend
-clear out the fridge/freezer
-make a grocery list (ugh. Today I was downtown at the post office and I thought I'd do my TJs shopping, but I couldn't remember anything I needed except salad.)
-Absolutely put in 5+ hours studying for midterms Sat, Sun, and Monday.

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