Monday, May 4, 2009

I am going to McDonalds!

EPL aside, I do not eat fast food very much.
I do not know the reason, except that it tastes bad to me and I am not very good at digesting things. I have been using the blender every day to have breakfast and lunch smoothies and shakes, yay! Actually that is probably why I want to get some french fries- it is really cold here, and I am accustomed to eating solid food. And smoothies, they are cold and liquid. I make really, really good fries, actually, but I would have to buy potatoes and canola oil. (I used up most of our canola oil making mayonnaise, which is absolutely delicious on sandwiches but those, too, are cold.) So. McDonalds. It is fast, and not very expensive.*

But, smoothies! I don't know why I had a hard time drinking them when Dad made them. I think he went really heavy on the protein powder. I do that too, but I buy the kashi vanilla kind which is amazing. I also have a hard time drinking them from Robeks and Jamba Juice, because the flavors are so strong. I want a nice banana and milk and vanilla protein powder smoothie. Or a nice chocolate syrup and rice milk and vanilla protein powder shake. Not some lemony raspberry thing, or something with blueberries. No.

Nate has a used blender from the Bargain Barn. It is so awesome, because the base is green plastic and the pitcher is heavy glass. It has like 10 settings that are not in the order I would put them. (I can't even remember the order, but there is whip, liquefy, blend, puree, and all that. I always put it on the rightmost setting to blend the powder, and then turn it off, put in the syrup, and turn it on the leftmost setting so it doesn't get too blended.) My parents have one that can blend frozen fruit though, and that is nice. Nate's does not blend frozen fruit. I managed to blend a small frozen strawberry but not a large one. (see, you just need 2 strawberries, or even one, to make it strawberry flavor. I am maybe a supertaster.) So, when I move, I am going to look for an awesome blender like Nate's. Actually maybe I can buy Nate's one because he is moving home when he graduates, and I bet his parents have a blender.

*I think fries cost $1 or so, which can certainly be considered cheap, but OTOH you have to consider what a poor quality product it is. I have made french fries at a fast food restaraunt, so I am very clear on this. They arrive pre sliced and frozen, and you take them out of their little plastic one serving baggies (2 baggies for a large fries) and drop them in the old constantly heated oil, and that is all very gross. Oh, man, I am going to freeze to death before I get back from Safeway with canola oil and a bag of potatoes.

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