Monday, May 4, 2009

I fixed my jacket!

There is a jacket that I have had since sophomore or junior year of highschool, and I have never really liked it. It is a fitted corduroy jacket, and it is a beautiful dusty olive color. It just didn't look very good on. I wore it very rarely for this reason. Last year I took off the puffy gathered pockets and that made it more wearable, but it still had a kind of ugly collar. I found that flipping the collar up looked nice, so I took off the buttons, planning to get a zipper, and then I never got a zipper. I still think a zipper would look good, but instead I gave it little yellow ties made of bamboo silk.
Here are the ties, untied.

Here is one way to wear the ties, which is probably how I will do it, because it takes about 1 minute to tie this way.

I think the ties look a lot better all tied one by one. This takes longer, possibly 3-4 minutes (the bamboo silk is slippery and I have to do square knots so I can get them out.) It is not the tying that I mind so much, as knowing I am 100% stuck in this jacket. It can also be a really cute shrug, but I am laced in already and I don't want to deal with it. To reveal how wimpy I am: bamboo silk kind of hurts my fingers. It is silky, but has no stretch. That is why I have the silk- I bought it for a knitting project and had to stop doing it because of the pain.

Unfortunately I have to go to the library and it is too cold out to wear this jacket alone. It is almost too cold in my room to do without a sweatshirt.