Friday, May 1, 2009

Finding the Car in a lot

Now, when you get a particular car, or haircut, or anything, you will start to see it all over. You are just paying more attention or something. But, there really are a lot of tan compact cars. Sooooo many. I am not sure whether most cars are tan compact cars, but certainly at the grocery store I see dozens of them, all over. On campus, where the east and west remote lots are like 1/2 a mile long, there is almost no chance I will find my car. I wander sadly near the tree or bus stop I remember parking near, clicking my car unlock fob, hoping that the car will light up.

So I arted my car up, just a tiny, tiny bit, but it is enough. I wanted not to hurt the paint, so I had to stick vinyl to the windows, and there are only little portions that you are permitted to put stickers on. (5" square on the driver's side windsheild lower corner closest to driver, 7" square on the rear window farthest from driver, I think 5" on the rear window lower corner closest to driver, and AFAIK the entire side window behind the driver. That is what the DMV website said.

I did not realize how dark the rear window would be. I think the panda needs something, I have not decided. If I had a silver sharpie I would outline it on the vinyl.

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