Friday, December 26, 2008

So I have been making polyclay sculptures for a few days, and I was just marveling to myself, "I haven't done this in months and I just picked it right back up! Polyclay is so forgiving, you can just do it intuitively." but then I calculated the first time I used polymer clay was 16 years ago. It was a tyrannosaurus eating a giant orange steak. Its tail was dragging, which is a very outdated view of dinosaur posture. Nonetheless, creating a passable peach on my first try, 16 years in, doesn't make me a prodigy. Darn*.

Wow, I have been painting for 18 years and just last year I learned not to make them too crappy. In retrospect I think it is very unlikely that I was going to pick up economics in 10 weeks (that is how long a quarter is).

*Someday, perhaps, I will give up on being a prodigy.

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