Friday, December 5, 2008


So I am not doing that well in stats, and I worked it out that if I get full points on the final I will barely pass. (Actually 3 of my 7 quizzes aren't graded so I assumed I would get the same scores as usual on them, which is not really how stats work.*)
B in section classwork
C average on quizzes
F!! on midterm
Which just leaves the final. Whee.

And I was really ambivalent about stats all quarter because What About Art? And also it seemed like a pretty hard class, but then I got a weirdly low grade on the midterm an dfreaked out and bought the textbook (I had been using the reserve copy) and got a TI instead of a casio and so for the last two weeks of class, I am shocked at how easy this is. Is this all everyone has been doing all quarter? Pressing buttons and writing down the results? That's not a real skill.

*as far as I can tell. Which, as my scores prove, is not very far.

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