Tuesday, December 23, 2008

rotate photos? pshaw.

It's a fine art degree, not compu sci, you know.

So I get home after a nerve wracking fall quarter, and Dad complements me with "You've gained weight." since he absolutely never does I got confused and he clarified that it's not just weight, I'm newly "woman shaped". I weigh in the range I've been since highschool, but while I was looking for pics to email to nana I found olllld pictures of me, and I think he's noticed something. I should point out, for context, that my father is the tiniest 6 foot tall man alive:
I've put up a perspective shot which he can dismiss, but his knees are indisputably the thick part of his leg... So this is me senior year, grocery posing:

I think the difference is my legs were smaller, and my face was rounder. And apparently I could get light brown hair to turn orange with bleach , a feat usually the provenance of the darkest brunettes. And this is me now- it's like mirrors were invented in 2007.

And plumbing:
So, that's all. Except, did you know I can plumb a sink? It's easy, and it will not even mess up your wet nail polish* because of a little thing called "tools"**.

*The sink thing came out of left field, I did not paint them specially in preparation.
**Collectively, that is. I couldn't tell you the names individually but it was pliers that held until you unhook them, pliers with grooved plates (I used them to unhook the other pliers), and a standalone flashlight- that's all it takes!

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Fiji said...

hahhah that was funny post more I cry for more lolz really it was funny.