Friday, December 5, 2008

Okay this is my real blog post.

The last one was just some background.

I have no idea why I never liked economics before, and I appear to maybe not be passing one of the core classes for the major, even though it is basically the easiest class I have ever heard of now that i am all equipped for it (it seems like cheating! Like, I bet school would have been easier if in geography, the exams were all, "fill in the world capitals, using only this pencil and this world map.")(what else seems like cheating is we are allowed a page of notes for the final. What am I supposed to put? "look under 'stat tests' or 'stat calc' for all functions, but under 'math' to generate visuals. formulas are saved under 'mem'"?)

So, right. Economics. It's a social science, but it is nicer than the other social sciences because it has courses like Economic Justice, Economic History of the US, Money and Banking, Money and the Arts, Why Economies Succeed and Fail, Poverty and Public Policy, and so on. This, too, feels like cheating. You mean I can find all of those things out, for real, according to experts in economics and business? But those are real life things that happen in my life, not abstract things like History of Art and Visual Culture or Political Science. To be honest, I had not realized that people knew these systems cohesively. I want to know sooo much about Economic Justice, which I am taking next quarter. I am going to learn about wages, taxation, property rights, welfare programs, and globalization. I could not be more excited if it was a class about cryptids.

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