Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I am pretty interested in specimen jars and the whole Victorian Naturalist thing, so storing one's socks in jars seems absolutely brilliant to me. My socks are a lot cuter than those, though. When I get a bookcase (I am using the floor to store my books now*) I think one shelf will be for my socks in jars. It is a good idea for keeping track of them, and since I have such bright socks it will be decorative, although not as apothecary looking because of the bright synthetic fabric.

*obviously my interest in science and learning is mainly on an aesthetic/imaginary level.** I like being fascinated by phenomena and the convoluted path science has taken to get to its current clinical and competitive incarnation.
**as if you couldn't tell by the sock specimens' not being properly sourced. (wow, that image spontaneously generated!)

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flyingvan said...

Do you put them in the jar clean, dirty, or both?