Saturday, January 3, 2009


Shopping in SF the other day with a friend I realized how terribly boring real stores are, compared to thrift and online stores. I got more and more listless until we went outdoors and started photographing the light fixtures and the bus stops and then I realized I was not getting sick, I just don't like shopping.

Shopping with my grandma is a little different because she loves it soooo much and is very good with coupons.* So in the last 2 days I have got
4 pairs of shoes
2 pairs of jeans
a wool jacket
a teapot
2 shirts
3 aluminum tins
gel toe separators
and also we went to 2 different costcos. And 2 bed bath and beyonds, which is when i got the teapot and the toe separators. I really like them, actually, toe spreading is very important. And the teapot was half off fifty dollars less a twenty percent off coupon. And it is a really amazingly
nice teapot. I bought it to replace the one I destroyed, but instead I think I will keep it.

So now I am thinking of all the things that I want, such as colored contact lenses (online I can get 6 pairs for about $70, and since they're prescription I'm sure insurance will help) and fish for my little aquarium. Apparently they need a special heating lamp. I want tiny tiny catfish. Or, what I really want is a seahorse, but they are much more difficult to keep and they cost more. Also, no one bought me a tiny ikea swing at christmas.

Annotating the skymall magazine with anti consumption ideas on the flight here seems so distant.

No, wait, I remember now, no one should pay $600 for a dog cage, and elevator shoes are stupid.

*Although at Macy's I had to take pictures of the dressing room wreckage someone had left for me. I can't show you, because I stopped keeping track of my computer cable 3 moves ago when I thought my camera was broken.

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