Thursday, January 8, 2009

Caitlan Vandewalle is attending cooking fire

I am pretty sure all of the things I've realized about early people and Jesus's companions are not even remotely relevant to the tenets of Catholic faith. I think I am fascinated by them because first, they make me feel like life is neat, and second they provide a context for biblical events.

And, the promised land? I mean way back when, with Moses? Would seem like hell to 100% of the people I know. I mean, every facebook status update would be: "ooh, sunburned!" or "super thirsty, you guys!" or something. "Caitlan Vandewalle is attending Washing My One Dress In Malaria Water at Sunrise"

Things the first 200 popes, also Moses and Them, didn't experience:
Gender and Racial equality, or attempts at same
Vision Correction
North America (I am quite stuck on this one)
Universal Education

Things the first 200 popes, disciples, and everyone in the bible and most of the saints didn't know about:
North America
The Moon (I mean what it is made of and how far it is)
Which... I would be a completely different person without those three things. They are so important to me.

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