Saturday, January 10, 2009


Around Christmas I bought some charcoal pencils in Mega Longs, and I have been really liking them, so much so that I think I want to branch out into either pastels (it is amazing how expensive excellent pastels are) or just tinting charcoal drawings. I've used charcoal sticks before but they are dirty, hard to transport without breaking/destroying your bag, hard to make details with, and I wasn't able to do the intense free kind of drawing for some reason.

This is how dirty your hands get with charcoal pencils. Actually you are supposed to use a paper blending stump so the hand oils don't ruin your work. I am using hairspray as fixative so I am not really worried about it.

This is a scary shark I copied from natural geographic. I have a complete sea monster fixation. It just seems so unbelievably wrong that the oldest vertebrates (not sharks specifically, but fish) can actually eat the best vertebrates (me. me and charismatic mammalian megafauna like dolphins.).
It is swimming in the photo I used, that is why it is floaty.
I really like smudging charcoal since it is very quick and realistic, but I am trying to do the gestural physical spontaneous way of charcoal drawing. It is meant to be a bear, without a reference photo. That is how I keep my pencils together, it is an eraser.


Masha said...

Holy crap! I knew you were an art major and stuff, but it hadn't penetrated that you could actually draw. Yeah, I know I'm a tard for not making the connection sooner... bear with me. Cool blog!

Caitlan said...