Tuesday, January 13, 2009


As a child I hated almost every food. I liked lettuce, tater tots, cereal, warmed tortillas, pickles, kumquats, and probably 3 other foods. Mom and Dad insisted that those things were "not food" but there was no way I could eat lentils, or cake, or anything. (I think i was eating by instinct like animals because I could not swallow foods deliberately. I could put peas in my mouth, I could chew the peas, but I could not swallow the peas.)

I've been eating like that again recently. I don't know why except that there are no fruits in season. But today i started feeling like I've been fasting too long (clarity interjection: I am not fasting. I am eating lettuce and bread and looking sadly at my other foods before deciding that it is too much of a time commitment to make anything) , all floaty and not super coordinated. So I ate an iceberg salad and some safeway bread and some soymilk and waited a few hours to let it take effect. Actually I did not mean to wait a few hours. I kind of sat down on the couch and felt a little dizzy and the next time I looked at the clock it was 3 and 1/4 hours later. I forget what I did. So I had to get up to go to work and I made soup! Out of chicken broth and an egg. Eggs are tremendous at making me feel well fed. I went on an egg kick this winter break and I think I ate 6 eggs in one day. I have extremely minimal skill at keeping my food consistent (guess how many plants I have killed through neglect this school year. Hint: the last 4 were cactus.)

Also I woke up this morning at nearly 3, and felt totally rested, but went back to bed because I am a person, not a cat, and I am trying a new thing called Sleep at Night*, and then at 6:30 when I allowed myself out of bed I was so tired I failed at showering. That is, I took a shower but when I got to school I realized my hair was quite sticky, I appear not to have rinsed it.

*As a rule i can only fall asleep when exhausted, which takes between 6 and 32 hours. Maybe i should join the army, and they can feed and rest me. I would be an awesome soldier, but if they wanted me to join they would take care of old homeless vets and recruit for entry level positions across class lines.

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Fiji said...

wow although good title but wow the army really you would go that far?