Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Village Thrift

Casey and I went to Salvation Army to find a big wool sweater to alter and felt down to his size, but we got lost on the way and when I saw a thrift store I asked him to pull over. I am so glad we did! The Village Thrift was full of people and the clothes were pretty good.Casey found a perfect, nubbly blue silk sweater and so it seemed silly to keep looking for a huge misshapen one even though I'd been looking forward to altering it. Casey lost his driving glasses so I had to drive us home, even though I didn't know where we were.When we got home they called us to let us know the glasses had turned up. We drove straight there and back with no trouble, and we were so grateful we did a second batch of shopping. 
 floral mother of pearl buttons!
 Christmas cards!

I got a snowglobe and I dissected it. 

 This was hidden inside. I think music box mechanisms are so charming. 

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