Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Botanic Garden Visit

A few weeks ago I spotted the Botanic Garden at night and was smitten. It was closed, because everything in DC closes for the evening, but I got to visit this weekend and it was so lovely. 

They fill it with poinsettias and Christmas lights for the holidays. It's completely lush and colorful. I think the models of the local landmarks (made from mushrooms, bark, cork, leaves, vines, and other things) are there year-round, and they are fantastic. The Capitol is above and the Washington Monument plus reflecting pool below. 
I loved seeing these little terraria in ornaments. I'm making a few of these into glitter snowglobes, they are very cheaply available at craft stores. 
 I am studying Japanese and Casey is studying Chinese, French, and Spanish, and those were the exact four languages the Botanic Garden Guide is offered in. I did a pretty good job parsing mine over pizza afterward.

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