Sunday, December 23, 2012

NRA Museum

The NRA Museum is full of old and rare guns. Actually I am sure I saw hundreds of rifles, but they didn't catch my eye because I'm no hobbyist. 
 My favorite thing was a display of unusual, mostly small inventions. Here is a brass knuckles gun knife.
 There were several working (or once working?) teeny tiny novelty guns, which I would love to play with.
 This alternative history-looking monster is a pepperpot pistol.
 This gun signals at a time of day, or after a certain length of time, by setting the fuse with the magnifier.
 This gun was my favorite. It is from the 1970s, and it is for vampire hunting.
 We headed in here on a whim, but it was great! There is a lot to see but it's all in 5 or 6 small rooms, so it doesn't take long. I loved seeing everything up close. There was some history- guns of important folks, very very old guns and bullets- but I mostly liked the novelties.

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