Monday, December 24, 2012

Reusing my 2012 Planner

With 2013 on its way, I started wanting to make plans, break down my resolutions by month and season, and just generally do that January stuff. But I don't use a planner that much, because it is not nearly as omnipresent as my anxiety. My anxiety can be relied on to remind me two or more times every day to: make sure I have my keys and the rent is due in 6 days, car payment in 15, visa bill in 21, the milk is 1/3 full and won't expire until a week from the 25th. Last year I didn't even get a planner until I saw an irresistible one in May, and then I used it to plan my June travels and for one diligent week in November (when I aggressively filled in a week of goals and checked them off through Tuesday). 

So, because this year's planner was empty and suits me perfectly, I bludgeoned it into a next year's planner.

I drew pink boxes around the few 2012 entries. I think it will be fun to see what I did on those days, like a 5 year diary. I used my computer calendar to make sure the days of the week matched and I didn't put 31 days into any 30 day months or vice versa. Then I went through a second time and crossed out all of the dates. It took less than half an hour and wasn't too boring, because I was watching television. 
I didn't see a more elegant way to do this without adding bulk. Now I'm thinking that I could have hole-punched out last year's dates, but that wouldn't preserve the Edo prints, which I like a lot.

Finally, I was ready to use it to play 2013, The Year I Got Completely Organized Forever, so I put in some holidays and birthdays and wrote my resolutions inside the front cover. 

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