Sunday, December 23, 2012

Museum of Osteology

Ah the Museum of Osteology is amazing!!! If you are ever in Oklahoma... this was the best place of our 3,000 mile roadtrip. Admission was $6.50. I always like to see animal skeletons, and this is the biggest collection I've seen. I took 60 photos and did two pages of sketches.

Here's Casey with a hippo and me with a giraffe. I love giraffes. The neck really isn't where they get their height, judging by the skull and partial neck I've seen at the Bone Room in California, which is shorter than I.
The entire experience is made of highlights, but here are some: the big mammals, the horned skulls, the big and small outliers of a species displayed together (dog, horse), the teeth (narwhal horn, elephant molar), the toads, and the wonderfully skillful articulation, especially apparent for the birds and snakes. 

I usually only get one commemorative smashed penny, but these were so compelling (and 1/2 price from my perspective, since the machines usually cost $1) that I got three. The gift shop was really good too. Casey got a thumb bone, and I got a rhinoceros skeleton postcard but I had my eye on The Moose Manual- How to Prepare and Articulate Large Hoofed Mammal Skeletons.

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