Thursday, June 7, 2012

razr redux

I don't remember why I got a Samsung Impression two years ago; the razr I got in 2007 certainly still worked. The Impression won't take a charge anymore, and I went back to my reliable old razr.

In 2006 the razr was my favorite phone, but I considered it too fancy to want. A friend of the family happened to get one for me, and I was thrilled. It was pink when it was new-to-me. When it got some scratches I painted it blue with tiny yellow horns. After a couple of years of use it got pretty beat up.  It's embarrassing to use a shabby customized phone in public so when I used it to replace my Impression I built bigger horns and painted it gold. I painted the charger too so I won't lose it. When the charger is plugged in, the tentacles make a little rack for the phone.

The razr was a good phone in 2006, and it is a good phone now. If the iphone was affordable I would consider wanting one (my compass doesn't really work when it's in a car), but nearly the whole surface is a screen- I can't paint that.

I tried to set the razr to Japanese for extra practice. But it only has French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese, so I set it to Spanish. It takes me extra time to borrar my mensajes and such but I like it. I did manage to set my ipod to Japanese, though, and it took me a bunch of hours with a dictionary to sort of figure out what it says. That's why I'm really glad I didn't set my phone to Japanese, because my phone has to be usable right away when I have to save a contact or something.

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