Monday, June 18, 2012

Monterey Bay Aquarium Day 2

Today I went to the aquarium with my Mom. We immediately got seperated but I am really happy with the drawings I made.

Blind contour drawing is an exercise where you try to capture the outline of the subject without taking your eyes of your subject- you never look at your drawing. When you do this exercise in an art class you have to draw your hand and it is the worst, but I think these sharks came out pretty good. The Open Ocean Exhibit is quite dark, so it was easy to keep from looking at my faint pencil drawings (I went over them in ink at home when I inked everything else.)

The Secret Lives of Seahorses exhibit is beautifully designed with kind of Victorian tracery, silhouettes, and filigree on the gates and illuminated on the walls.

I felt like I was really appreciating the designers by sketching this lovely entryway, but the sketch came out loose and so it doesn't show off the dainty, pretty metal. Oh well, I have 3 more aquarium visits.
I am really pleased with how these two sea dragons turned out. This is the best I can draw, and I can only do it when I have been practicing.

I went into a children's exhibit and there was this little stamping machine. Children select a bookmark with conservation facts on it, put it in the machine, and press a button to stamp an anemone, penguin, or seadragon. There were two, so I didn't feel bad monopolizing one.

Today's UV stamp was a sea otter.

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