Monday, June 4, 2012

May Party

 This weekend I went to Clear Lake for the May Party for the maiden voyage of the Red Couch. We all camped right on the water. I took this photo from my bedroll. In between eating and going on the water and playing on the zome, I just knit, because the party was too much fun. But, I appreciated the live music drifting over the water while I lounged different places with my sock.
 It was very hot. The first hour after sunrise it was just bright, and then it got hot. Everyone was hanging out in the shade of some old trees, which meant I couldn't go there if I wanted to be able to follow the chart for my lace.
There was a beautiful nearly full moon (full tonight), so bright that I could sort of knit by its light, very slowly. The sock is knitty's Interlocking Leaves, so it is much fancier than any I have knit before and pretty challenging.

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