Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Best Day!

Yesterday I happened to be in Santa Cruz when I learned that UCSC Open Studios was going on. I was so excited! Casey drove us up to campus and I got to see all the art. A lot of it was really gorgeous. I brought my camera but didn't bring my sd card. I saw a giant roll of 'film', a surprising number of great 3d oil paintings, and beautiful steel sculptures. I have had a hard year since I graduated and I've been very nostalgic for the days when I just had to get myself to campus and paint and I could study at the beach all the time. But, seeing the open studios made me realize that's not the right place for me anymore; new students are retreading the pieces I've made and seen made. It also seemed more insular than I remember. But I will always miss that metal shop

Since I didn't have my camera, the only thing I have to show is some extinction trading cards from Public Art 2. 
I took a bunch of these! These ones say "Passenger Pigeon. Deceased: 1914 AD Cause: Man," "Coal. Created: C. 300,000,000 BC," and "The Corporation. Invented: c. 1602 AD."

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