Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Colors!

At Daiso (the Japanese $1.50 store) I saw a set of oil pastels. For $1.50! But I've never been able to coax anything pretty onto a page with oil pastels so I didn't buy them. But when I saw the same set at Casey's house I noticed the colors were all labeled in Japanese and I got really excited because I can only name 9 colors. So I copied down all the names and Casey's sister let me use her awesome watercolors to fill them in. (the two blank shapes on the left are going to be gold and silver but the one in the middle is white/shiro)

When I was little I would put pressed flowers and carefully blended rainbows into my sketchbooks so I would always have them to look at. I guess I still like that.

I'm planning to do watercolor sketches on postcards to document my upcoming road trip. I liked the koi colors but I plan to just add individual tubes to what I've got. I tried to pick a neutral red and neutral yellow, with a warm blue and a cool blue, but my watercolors all come out looking the same.

 I don't really know what to add. Gray? Brick red? Lemon yellow? One time I got a guoache set in my Easter Basket that was the cmyk colors. I think those would set off the colors I have really well.

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