Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2/1/12 Resolution Post

January- Nutrition: I did not finish my January resolution! I tried three of five new recipes. Trader Joe's didn't have any spinach, and then I didn't really want to try Black Bean Brownies in case they took all day and came out gross. But, I managed the part of my resolution wherein I took supplements and (mostly) didn't miss meals. This is the postcard I sent to Hershey, PA for the postmaster to postmark and remail. I sent it as a line drawing and was going to paint it if I succeeded in my resolution, but I need more colors in my January so I painted it anyway. 
 Next up: February- Yoga. I had a hard time drawing this since classic yoga postures look generic to me and I didn't have a model to make it fresh. I drew a pretty fair imaginary half moon pose- the toes are planted in the actual posture, but it looks more like a moon to have them pointed. It is going to Half Moon Bay, CA, for its postmark. I think this is the only postmark I'm sending off for this year that will be from a town I've visited. HMB is pretty, like everything on the 1, and I believe it does not have a craft store or art store.
I managed several minutes of yoga this morning by running a hulu beginner's yoga video in the background while I got ready for my passport photo. Putting on nice clothes and doing simple makeup took a long time since I'm not used to it any more. 

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