Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine Postcards (Tutorial)

I made some valentines from a sheet of thickish clear styrene, and it was harder than I thought it would be. I used spraypaint, and x-acto knife, scissors, deco tape, and a fine tipped sharpie. 
The styrene has a layer of plastic protecting it, so I cut away the parts I wanted to spray paint white. This was the hard step. The part with plastic on will stay clear, and the part without will be white. My design had a lot of tiny scallops and the plastic film was clingy but not adhesive, and couldn't see the tiny clear pieces. 

Then I spray painted the styrene with two coats of white spray paint. This picture was between coats. 

When I peeled off the plastic, the cards looked great. They were impossible to cut apart with the x-acto (it only scored the styrene), so I used scissors, which was kind of hard since I didn't want to snap the plastic by bending it too far. 
I was going to do a second layer of spray paint, in red, but the cans were in a cage at blick and no one opened it for me when I lurked near it for a while. So, I put lacy red deco tape from daiso on them, as an accent. 
I addressed them on the non spray painted side, and wrote little love notes on the back of the stamps since they'll show through. 
 Here is a finished front.

 One of them is going to Italy, and I am a little worried about that one holding up, but my flexing and scratching tests made me think these will still look great after their trip through the mail.


Robert van de Walle said...

Very cool! I've not seen transparent mail items before. Hmmm... bound to make a stir!

Caitlan said...

:) I heard the one sent to VT and the one sent to a stranger in Italy made it alright, but I haven't heard about the two sent within CA.