Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentine Remailing

It's the 5th today, and I am sending out my Valentines for remailing from Valentine, Texas. I left it kind of late, and I didn't address it to the Valentine Postmaster very clearly. 
 Here are the valentines, which I put in their own envelopes. I did one for myself as well, a postcard in pen and ink. When it arrives here, I will go over it with watercolors.
 They are all stamped and in a bigger envelope.
 Which is in turn stamped. I think this address should read:
Valentine Postmaster
Valentine Remailing
Valentine, TX 79854
but I couldn't write that, so I looked up the street address on google maps and I'm sure it will get sorted. Since there is a lot of paper in there it might need a 20c surcharge stamp. I'll weigh it at work to make sure before affixing the stamp, though.

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