Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mail Art- Valentine's Day Message in a Bottle

I've read that people consider themselves immune to advertising. I certainly do, but tonight I was entirely taken in by a billboard. I was driving home, thinking about the naked (sans packaging) mail I recently swapped. (I sent the one on the right and was given the one on the left):
 I filled a plastic bottle with feathers and cancelled postage stamps, and it looked kind of sloppy so I painted it gold with the sign enamel I use to paint my car. Well, it looked good but it was too much work. I was trying to figure out another way to get the effect and I saw a billboard for the Coors Light Aluminum Bullet Pint. I really don't like Coors*, but I really do want a cheap, very lightweight, sealable metal bottle. I'll look for it at the grocery store. I will be able to tell if the label is printed on plastic or right on the aluminum, but not whether the aluminum is thick enough for the rigors of the mail system. For that, I will have to drink it. I know beer can be used in bread and in marinade, but I think I would rather just consume it straight than get my hopes entangled in a culinary project. 

I am glad I typed this out, because I've realized that REI probably has aluminum containers of various sorts. 

*I went to college; I know that alcohol that tastes bad should taste bad like fire. 

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