Saturday, May 14, 2011

Math Feelings!

In April my housemate had to add some numbers so I showed her how I can do it in my head --I had been doing drills for a week or so-- and she said that was stupid and could I find my calculator. So I started crying. Not crying like something bad happened right then, but crying like something was painfully, permanently wrong. That showed me that I need to make it a priority to work out my math issues, so I am.

I'm considering buying a simple K-12 set of workbooks and working on it every day- preferably in public like in a cafe, the library, or at the bus stop. While researching these, I found out that some systems are meant to be long spiraled, and I got chills. They did that on purpose? I thought I had to learn absolute value, variables, and so on over the course of 8 years because the standards were sloppily implemented across grades. By the way, the thing about chills wasn't hyperbole- I am still trembling and my hands are white.

That project is a big commitment of time and money, so I decided to start smaller and work my way through a couple of books that I have on hand, Stats and Algebra I and II.

This whole math aptitude and feelings thing has been in the works for rather a while, as evidenced by this video I made last year:
In fact there is a seven minute version of this that is much better, but it is trapped on my external hard drive that is configured for macs.

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