Sunday, May 8, 2011

Eating Contest

I haven't been up to Oakland in months, and I am so glad I made the time to go up for Mother's Day. Honestly I have to cram 3 days worth of work into tomorrow evening to get ready for crits, but I can deal with that.

I went to my dad's gratitude party, picked up my car registration from my old house, took Mom to SF (where she took me to lunch), and had a unilaterally cathartic visit with my ex bf. The only major thing I didn't manage was quality time with my brother. We went on a gas can adventure, he told me about his video game, I teased him a medium amount about computer stuff*, but we didn't really have as much bonding as I hoped. Although, now that I think about it, we had an eating contest at the buffet Sweet Tomatoes. He challenged me to one, and because he had already eaten rather a lot that day, I accepted. 20/20 hindsight.

But it was fun because I trash talked for about two hours. I am usually not a great trash talker but I was in the zone. I must have said, "This is how a WINNER does it," (for things like selecting a tray and going back to get the fork I forgot) two dozen times. And I ate both my bowls of soup at the same time, which admittedly took kind of a long time. Mom and Nick agreed that I had made a very good effort, but their congratulations were spoiled because after he won he went and got ice cream, while I discreetly tried to invent sitting that didn't hurt my stomach. But when he pestered Mom for the mints in her purse from dinner the night before, like a champion I declared that "I see your purse-mint, and raise you a second purse mint!" but no one was watching so I put mine away.

*His favorite thing ever is computer workings, so since his computer is all messed up and mine is just fine I had a fun time teasing him, ie "Do you think it's the CDD/DVD rom drive? Well, did you check? I heard one time it could be that."

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