Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Video Skills!

Fall quarter, I wrote
I am having an extremely hard time thinking like a filmmaker. My professor told us to think of it as sculpting in light and time. My strong inclination is to point the camera at something I like and not move it except to replace the dv tape every hour. I am comfortable with the camera as a tool for recording but not as a tool for point of view or explanation or composition.
But today that switch was flipped and I can do it now, I can make videos. I'd been trying all week to hit my vimeo upload limit of 500mb, which is 20 of my videos. I didn't reach my target, but I did force myself to think in terms of videos all week, and tonight I made this:

Then I made a video diary about how much i liked it but it turned out bad so I made a second one and then I watched them both at once and they synced up in content, sentence by sentence, but not in phrasing, so I recorded them (that is called 2-channel video) and then I spliced together:
1. webcam video diary #1
2. webcam video diary #2
3. laptop display of video diaries, captured with camcorder
4. camcorder video I recorded during video diary #2

I'm excited not because either of these are good but because my brain works in a new way all of a sudden after months of trying.

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