Friday, May 13, 2011


Voltaire was quite right that eating is a hassle when you don't like it. I have been eating intermittently for a few days (I suppose I am ill) and I am pretty hungry. I had lunch yesterday but I am ready for some more food. But I haven't felt like shopping and I don't keep much around usually so I've just got grains and condiments. Maybe a can of fish. I tried to make a list of foods I like, but it looked like what toddlers eat and also, none of it sounded good.

I have things to do today, and I sort of feel like I will need a nap if I don't have some lunch, so I looked on, which admittedly was a long shot.

I should probably just make some rice, but it would be hot, and wet. Well, being a little hungry for a few days isn't anything to worry about.

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