Thursday, May 12, 2011

Brick Barbell for Metal Fab

Our assignment was to create a tool for the new revolution- an object in direct response to an object in our daily lives, that recontextualizes it.
The model that my family provided is that ladies are very, very strong, and men are strong also but they defer to ladies for heavy things, and children are strong but the world is not built to their scale. I internalized the lesson that someday, if I ate my dinners, I too would be Big and Strong. But the broader world was not in line with this model and as I became a full grown lady many people carried on expecting me to have the strength that I ascribe to kids.

I made this brick barbell to carry around places. . This way if anyone has anything to carry or push that is comparable in weight to twelve bricks (I haven't weighed it properly but I think it weighs half as much as I do), they will know straight away that I can help. And if I am carrying groceries or laundry plus twelve bricks,
1. obviously I really like carrying things that are heavy to me
2. if they insist on helping me I will still have my brick barbell to carry.

I wrote up several little examples from my life of times I did not successfully project competence (most aren't about physical strength) and wrapped them around other bricks, which I will display with the barbell.

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