Friday, April 22, 2011


I exercised so good today!I am quite robust but some combination of my feet, pelvis, back, and knees usually hurts so i have to be careful. Running is not something I'd consider, but I do read two running blogs and sometimes check the runners they link to. I noticed that when they describe things that they relish about the experience of running, they exclusively use words that are bad in other contexts, like "pain," "bruising," "cried," and "died."

The small selection of running blogs I have read are mostly slender people running for weight loss, with a few medium people running for weight loss. Two of the runners talk about their fat and weight in negative terms, but those are the exception- most talk about their fat and bodies abusively. Running a lot takes a toll on anyone's body, and I think that they like something painful because they don't like their bodies. I don't think most runners feel this way, and I don't know if most people who run for weight loss feel this way.


Beauty said...

I wonder about the relationship between excessive exercisers and actual masochists. Both activities cause physical pain and bodily damage, and both activities cause the brain to release endorphins. I've heard about these endorphin highs being the goal for both groups, so maybe one is just a socially acceptable form of the other?

Caitlan said...

I wouldn't be surprised, although the few masochists I've talked to didn't mention actual damage.