Friday, April 29, 2011

Chastity Belt for Metal Fab

good, right? I hammered the heck out of 16 gauge sheet metal and it fit well. My professor was ill when this was due and we had an extra work period so I remade it into something more like my imagined belt but completely unwearable. I remade the toothed but realistically sized vulva into an opulent exploration that was seriously dangerously spiky. I displayed it hung up, even though that showed the shoddy craftsmanship I indulged in when I remade the piece. And then, because I am a SHOWOFF I totally wore this for like two minutes.

it's mean. Not like me; I use my words.

I guess everyone liked its weirdness in crit. The assignment was to attack or defend, and we collectively nerded out defaulting to the middle ages. The crotch part is detachable (a paper and fabric construction with a substrate that's a flexed piece of rod that wedges into the belt without room for me) and the belt is totally comfortable. It is weird to have metal on my body but my waist doesn't notice the weight and I made it roomy.

ETA: Oh yeah, theory: I think a lot about the twin burdens of appealing to the male gaze and cultivating modesty to court its supposed advantages, so the theoretical wearer of this piece accepts responsibility for moderating the lust of others (aside from the wearer) but stops well short of normalizing this absurd responsibility.

I completely respect people who have a different opinion on the issue of modesty but I must say that I have a concurrent piece where I go to the beach every day and I had a week straight of dealing with drunk older men who I had to treat rudely (completely against my inclination) because they could not be respectful when I wear a swimsuit or shorts. And I don't mean elaborate respect, which I certainly would not insist on from elders, but a baseline respect of not following me or talking about my chest.

Realistically, if I wanted to wear a chastity belt around town it would not have the intended effect because strange men would be thrilled to have something to ask me about.


Olie said...

First: I think your belt is awesome; thanks for posting.

This next bit is not about the belt, just a reply to the ending portion of your blog (the creepy-men thing.)

It seems to me that, if the goal is actual chastity, then wearing a chastity belt that others know about is not the right tack. If I can tell that you're wearing a chastity belt, then it's sort of a "fetish turn-on" thing that seems designed to gather attention to the groin.

A TRUE chastity belt would be invisible to the casual observer, and would not only "defend the area" as you say, but also be coupled with some sort of diversion to take the would-be suitor's mind off his intended goal (so to speak ;)

Hence, chastity-belt + bikini-top or CB + short-shorts seem to be supporting conflicting goals. Either one wants their sexuality to be recognized as attractive and desirable or one wishes to avoid such attention. The concept of "I want you to recognize my pretty face and attractive body, but not TOO much" is what we call "teasing", and it's considered not terribly nice.

(On the other hand, "please recognize that I am normal, healthy and, therefore, attractive, in a non-sexual context" is fine -- but then why would one need a chastity belt to "defend" one's genitals...?!)

Anyway... your post just got me thinking about the idea of true defense in a battle-like context, which got me to thinking about not just physical defense, but distraction, feints, overpowering force, and related things.

w3!eRd0 #1 said...

very very interestin caitlin!!