Sunday, April 17, 2011

How I spent two days trying to buy photos

I saved $35 by not having glasses, braces, yellowed teeth, or acne. (although if I had those things I could also save $35 by being okay with it.) I don't expect the retoucher to work for free but it doesn't seem fair. To get all dressed up and made up and wait in a long line and sort out a borrowed robe as best you can and have your picture professionally taken and then still have to lie to your family about how perfect you look, and pay for the privilege.

Then at checkout, I had to opt out of paying $9 or $54 more for something I didn't order.

And okay, I know that $150 is not more than $150 (the threshold for free shipping) but it still annoyed me, so I didn't order anything. I'll have to transfer my mom's money back to her and she can order what she wants.

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