Friday, April 8, 2011

How to dress for a space theme party

So I guess a lot of people aren't sure what to wear for my friend's space birthday party, which is astonishing because space is a wonderfully open theme. If you find out about it last minute you can just wear a lot of silver or, failing that, black- adapt coverage to your space climate. Wrist cuffs and giant odd shaped colors look like campy sci fi. Also space has all the jobs earth has, except adapted for space, like a farmer probably needs a lot of lightbulbs and a miner needs a breathing tank and a prison guard needs a bobbly silver gun. Or if you have something you like, for example libraries or gold, you can be from a planet of it. Or you can dress up as a character from a space show, but I wouldn't recommend it because people who don't watch the show won't get it, and people who do watch the show will notice how different your costume is from canon. Dressing up as a character is better if you do it somewhere people will appreciate it.

Anyway the party is tomorrow and so far my costume is a (literal) box of (figurative) crap that I have to glue together and paint silver, but I am going to be a Space Mechanic.

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