Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sea Cave

I love all the caves I have been to. The limestone ones, the wet one on campus, the touristy ones in idaho... but while most caves are like damp mausolea, sea caves are alive and noisy. There is a sea cave that I love at the beach near my house, that is only accessible by walking on sand every few months. Usually at low tide it has been completely filled in by sand. I know, because I have looked for it every day this year. But yesterday I took a chance (barely) by swimming through the chest-deep, gentle waves to the cave.
The thing I was concerned about is that even small waves crash around a lot in that inlet, so if bigger waves started up they would trap me. But there are handholds in the rocks, so if I could make my way slowly out of the inlet I would be fine. I am not even close to strong enough to make headway against big waves.
I have loved this cave since I met it a year and a half ago with my friend Max, but this is the first time I heard it "sing". It was the same as the sound old boats make in movies, which I have not heard in person. But it's kind of creaky and howly.
There is plenty of dryish sand toward the back of the cave, which is how I managed pictures- I brought my cell phone in an elaborately wound garbage bag and lurked in the back of the cave untying it. I have always felt scared to use the entrance on the left, because the waves soak it and it is so dark and there might be glass or anything. Maybe I can find a pair of cheap watershoes, because half of what I'm scared of is stepping on dangerous things.

Days like yesterday and today (I touched a lot of sea anenomes and found a craggy blowhole and wandered in the surf for an hour) make me wonder how I lived away from the sea for so many years, and how I expect to move away from it after I graduate. It's not difficult to feel connected to nature that's so immediate and engaging. Anyway, today the waves were medium, and I didn't want to swim in them because I was at the beach alone, as usual, also it was overcast. I am sure when the weather warms up more of my friends will want to go. But honestly the (barely) cold water is worth it.

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