Sunday, March 13, 2011

Painting Recap

So anyway, I bombed intermediate oil painting this term. I immediately didn't like (or dislike) my professor, and after the first 4 weeks I stopped trying to like her. I was hip deep in theory in my other two classes, and couldn't come close to any sort of theory for my paintings. No one was holding my loved ones hostage to keep me from thinking of concepts and then painting them, but I also wasn't supported the amount that I apparently need. I had a very hard time talking to my professor the few times that I tried. She understandably mistook the things I detachedly produced for things I was interested in, and guided me by referring me to still life painters of centuries past.

Open studios was yesterday, so anything I produce now is for me and not for display or critique, and suddenly it matters to me to take advantage of the huge heated room- with a sink i am allowed to use for oil paint runoff, an easel and good light- that is open all day and night. When I unlocked the room I was pleased to see that everything was the way we had it set up for Open Studios. It meant my classmates had not produced anything for 30 hours, because they were working for a grade or recognition rather than working in a futile attempt to satiate their all- consuming need to paint. Or maybe they were still sleeping/recovering from the all nighters prior to Open Studios. Or maybe they have studios at home so they can paint all! the! time!

Anyway I painted. And it was pretty good. I covered my first painting, a unicorn, with a swedish horse. It is for my mom to put on her wall. I asked her what she wanted a painting of, and she said "trees". I liked learning that swedish horses are the color that cadmium red light is right out of the tube (the photo hides it though). I liked covering that ugly unicorn. Once I covered the 24x36 canvas with the first layer I was super annoyed that I had to wait for it to dry. So I set the heater to run for five hours. I immediately recanted, but the dial only goes one way. And since I left all my stuff everywhere, if anyone comes in before it turns off it will be obvious that I am a waster.

My individual critique is next Wednesday I believe. I intend to produce as much work between now and then as I did otherwise this term.

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