Friday, March 25, 2011

Detergent Shopping!

I have never bought detergent, nor been in the detergent aisle, until tonight. You see, I read on a mommy blog that you should halve the recommended amount and then use a bit less each time until you find an amount that doesn't clean your clothes, and then go back up one notch. I hardly need any, so the bottle I took from my parents lasted and lasted. Then a couple months ago it spilled all over my trunk. Today I was all set to launder without detergent but the Kresge laundry room was closed for Cesar Chavez Day, which I treated as a sign to buy some freaking detergent. But I quickly found an 8 dollar bottle that seemed practically immune to trunk disasters and stinking up my car. It says it can wash 25 loads, so I guess that will last 100 loads and I won't need to deal with the detergent aisle for two or three years, so I took a lot of pictures* to remember it.

*this is 1/4 of them.

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peter said...

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