Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Resolution Check In

At New Year's I was very smug about resolutions, and when people told me they don't make them because it's not realistic to keep them all year, I said that mine were things that have immediate benefits so if I give them up early on I'm still better off than not making them. And when I heard people say they didn't need Jan 1 to make a goal and could set and work toward goals any time I was a bit galled. I mean, I set goals as the need arises but a fresh year has intoxicating potential. A year is long enough to do anything, whereas my regular goals are either "before I die" type things or things I can accomplish in one quarter of school. And starting a yearlong process on the first of January is so convenient. If you lapse in tracking the days you just have to look up what day of the year it is, plus the months are already numbered.

But here I am revising my behavior chart for March and trying to figure out who stuck to these goals for two whole months. It's too soon to tell but maybe using a notebook with enough blank pages to finish the year was practical and not just symbolic. I mean, I am not at all strict with myself so there isn't a single resolution I haven't broken, but I am still doing them. But ugh, I was really close on two of them. On January second I slept in past the morning (it's a pretty generous resolution but I have to actively manage my sleep to keep it correlated to day and night) and on February 9th I didn't go to the ocean.

One of my friends told me I have to think of a cute name for March because I always have cute names for months, and she is right. In Dressember I wore only dresses, in Tanuary I went swimming (or at least in the water) every day, in Fastuary I managed 6 and then 2 days on liquids, and now it is March and I stopped using money with slaveholders on it. I didn't think of a name for it yet, because March doesn't have a lot of syllables to swap out while staying recognizable, although it has got hominyms. So far the cutest thing I have thought of is March of Dimes And Anything With Lincoln On It. I am also working my way through an Algebra textbook, but I think I can work that into Apralgebra. Maybe I shouldn't call it that, because just the thought of Apralgebra is making my eyes well up with tears.
(I was in Algebra for a long time, like the decade from 2001 and 2007.)

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