Sunday, January 23, 2011

San Jose Mercury News

For my class The Intimate Body, The Public Body I have been thinking. I don't know what to do for my next project but I have some threads I have been thinking about, like how I my body is the only thing that's actually mine, and why don't I use it relentlessly to back up my ideals, rather than rather intermittently? So I decided for a few days to evaluate the things I do in the physical world and see how they match up with the things I imagine I value. I was reading a newspaper because my house mate subscribes to the San Jose Mercury News, and I enjoyed having the physical paper all spread out around me on her bed. And I read a lot of articles, and their span of subjects was a lot different than the corners of the internet I like. And now I know that Yemen has a president, and I know his name also, and I know that Yemen is facing a water shortage, and that reminded me that Cyprus has a water shortage, and so I decided to stop using so much water. So I forbade myself from taking hot showers because I think that I won't linger that way, and I will use a bit less water. And then Yemen can have it. I haven't figured out that last part yet. I tried to figure it out in the shower, where I usually have good brainstorms, but I was too busy trying to figure out why I was shaving so poorly. I thought I was shaving off the tops of my goosebumps, but it could also have been my shaking hands. It was pretty cold. And I didn't have to waste water by running it until it heated up, which is what I usually do. When I got in I burst out laughing because I couldn't believe how much I hated it.

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Joedelta said...

I don't think even my body is "mine." That's partially because I believe that each of us existing as individuals is largely illusion, and partially because my self bears a responsibility to my community -- or the whole world.