Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beach days!

Last Tuesday I skipped my second class and went to the beach. Today I skipped my first class and went to the beach, and I felt shy to go to my second class in case I drew attention or reprimand for missing tuesday. But I went, and walking the mile to the bus stop with my laptop case I reflected on how compact one of my friends managed to be when I saw him last. His pants and jacket pockets held everything he needed, and although we were carrying comparable weight mine was hanging off me in a little bag. I try very hard not to over pack- I emptied the mail out of my laptop bag twice today- and yet there I was on my commute to the bus stop, happy that I had stashed a packet of non aspirin in my pants pocket because my pelvis injury was flaring from the asymmetrical load, my furry jacket slipping out of my sweaty hands continually.

Anyway the beach was gorgeous both days.

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